Exciting News!!!

This is my first blog entry without pictures or videos, because it is already awesome as is. Today I did my mock hoop dance class at my favorite dance and fitness studio, OC Pole Fitness, and I am now officially the hoop dance instructor there!  I am so happy, excited, and honored to be working with the best instructors.

My online username/hoop name/alter ego/stage name is Zaylaa, and this may have confused some people that know me in real life.  My real name would be listed in the schedule.  If you don’t know my real name and want to take a class with me and you are confused, then please just ask me. 🙂

I am very thankful for this opportunity to spread the hoop love and be a lot of people’s hoop mama!  hehehe!!!  “Hoop mama” is a term I made up.  It’s not even on Urban Dictionary.  Maybe I should add it one day.  But to me when I use that term it just means…the person who introduced or got you into hooping.  If it is a male, then it would be Hoop Dada/Daddy, which ever you prefer.  haha!  This blog post would have so many errors if it was an English essay.  I don’t care…I’m just way too happy and excited and typing out my giggles is how I show it through text. Woooooooooo Weeeeeeeeeeee! =)


Grip is good



This is my first time blogging by not using the computer and only using my smart phone with the WordPress app and my camera phone.  Let’s see if there is a difference…

This is kind of random, but it’s about time that I added some grip tape to my all electric rainbow hoop.  It was always so slippery, and I tend to not play with it because of that.  I’ve had grip tape for awhile, but just a few minutes ago is when I thought that I should just add some black 1/2 inch gaffer tape on my hoop.  I still wanted the awesome rainbow colors to show, so I only put the black gaffer tape along the inside.

LED and Fire Hoop Performance on 1-21-11

This was a very special event.  It was my dear friend, John’s surprise birthday party.  John introduced me to his friend Megan.  She became my friend and my hoop mama (person who introduced me to hooping).  We each did a hoop performance.

I did an LED hoop performance with my new and slippery (no sanding or tape) poly pro LED hoop.  I danced to Tim Berg-Seek Bromance.  I LOVE that song!

Outdoors, Megan did her awesome fire hoop performance to a song by Beats Antique.

And here is a funny bonus video of my very first time fire hooping:

Big Bear cabin fun

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends celebrated her birthday weekend in Big Bear and a group of eleven of us stayed in a cabin.

On the first night there and after dinner, some of us were still hanging out and not going to bed yet.

After a few drinks, (my drink of choice is unsweetened almond milk), we decided to have fun with my Hoopnotica TravelHoop.


In the morning, I suited up and before trying snowboarding for the first time, I just had to do some hooping.  It’s kind of difficult to hoop with a big puffy jacket on.


I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t get to hoop on the snow, but I was too busy soaking in my snowboarding experience.  All in all, this was a super fun trip!  I’ll do some snow hooping some day.


Las Vegas…for pleasure (not business)

Now when I travel, I will always try to bring my Hoopnotica TraveHoop or any other hoop that can fit along the ride.  A group of friends and I took a little road trip to Vegas to celebrate (American) New Years.

On the ride there, while some friends were taking a restroom break, I was stretching out and hooping.

I know I look ridiculous, and I love it.  This photo makes me giggle.

When we were in one of our hotel rooms, I was done with getting all dolled up for the night and I decided to hoop.  I like to be silly.

I often tell my friends to hoop.  This is a result:

My group of friends and I saw an awesome cirque show called Zumanity, and there so many great performers in there.  I have to mention the girl who does hooping…in the air!  It’s not to be confused with aerial hoop with the steel hoop.  She is hanging on to some sort of rope and it lifts her off the ground and she hoops with her toes, legs, torso, hands, and she even adds on multiple hoops.  It’s amazing.  I also love the aerial tissu performance, the twin water bowl, the male pole, female pole, and everything!  I can go on and on, but you should check it out yourself if you haven’t already.