2012 Hooping Journey in Review

A lot has happened with my hooping journey since the last time I blogged.
The last post was about me getting a regular weekly hoop class to teach, which I am still very excited about.  I love teaching my class of diverse students who are curious about this magical thing that I can’t live without.  I get excited about my new playlist every week.  I also like to get students involved with requesting songs prior to class.  Everything has been going great.  For a few months I was teaching on Wednesdays, then it changed to Tuesdays.  Starting January 24, 2013, I will teach the same class on Thursdays only for awhile.  I’ve been consistently teaching and I’m very grateful for that.

In the summer around late May, I received my Ultra Light 5-wick poly pro fire hoop from Harmonic Hoops.  Brand new and still coiled up, I took it with me when I went to Convection, Southern California’s Fire and Flow Arts Retreat.
There were no hoop workshops so my friends and a few other attendees requested me to teach an impromptu hoop workshop.
I had a fun time at this 3-day retreat. I’ve always been into hooping only. After this event it made me open and interested in other tools. Soon after this I got a fire staff and pair of fire poi made made for me. Then I bought my friend’s used fire fans.

In July I went to a weekend camping desert party called Indigo Vortex. I was on the website and supposed to teach a hoop workshop, and when I got there organizers just told me that they couldn’t fit me in the schedule but would want me to gather some people at night to teach a workshop. What ended up happening is that I got carried away with all the fun and fire spinning at night that I just did my own thing. On the last day, a very intriguing and unique guy asked me to teach him some hoop tricks. For a total beginner, he got things pretty quickly. He taught me some cool poi tricks, but it was hard for me to do. This was an awesome event and I met a lot of cool people.

Summer was a great time for outdoor events such as monthly hoop jams and full moon drum circles. These are some of my favorite social gatherings full of positive energy and happiness.

I was spending a lot of time practicing fire spinning in OC. I mixed it up and tried something else. I started going to the LA Burn Club practices because the troupe leader, Aviva, of Burning Sands wanted to see my audition. She along with the rest of them loved it and recruited me. This troupe and the other people that practice at LA Burn Club are great people. Four hours on a Wednesday night is probably 50% practice and 50% socializing. I realize my trek out there and I believe everytime I’ve gone, it is worth it…even the super cold and windy nights.

I’ve said to myself last year that 2012 would be a year dedicated to more hooping related events. I felt like the year has been hooptastic so far, but it wouldn’t be complete without going to Hoopcamp.
Having procrastination tendencies, I didn’t take advantage of the $500 cabin deal while it lasted. I knew I didn’t want to camp outdoors in 50 degree or lower temperature so I decided to pay for indoor accommodation. By late August the cheapest Hoopcamp indoor accommodation on-site was close to $700 for a twin bed in the Sangha House. After experiencing it, it was well worth it because the location was central to everything. There was a lot of walking up and down hills and stairs and I was sore a few days in. Anyways, Hoopcamp was amazing. It was so great to meet a bunch of hoopers… people like me…where hooping was a normal thing…a necessity. Hoopjam after hoopjams at night was super fun. I ate so much all the time because I was so hungry all the time. It was a very different feeling. It’s probably because I was burning calories all day long taking workshops after workshops. There was so much amazing talent and different styles from unique people at that event. I really love that kind of environment with people full of positive energy inspiring others full of love.

The official after party of Hoopcamp was called UnScruz, the Santa Cruz Burning Man Decompression Party. I volunteered to do a fire hoop performance. Since we weren’t able to light up at Hoopcamp, this was a great release for me.

The LA Burning Man Decompression was very fun for me as well. I brought a bunch of hoops in, ran into a bunch of different groups of flow friends throughout the day and night, and hung around and took a few workshops at the fire flow arts stage. This was a good event to use my LED hoop.

Performing has been an awesome thing to me. I truly love it.

When I knew that I was traveling to Boracay in the Philippines, my goal was to fire hoop any way possible. On my last night there, it happened and in the most awesome way possible. I got to perform on a stage with cool lighting and sound system, an appreciative audience, and a very hospitable fire troupe and restaurant/bar owner. I got to fire hoop at the Sand Bar, and afterwards the owner wanted to hire me.

I’m ending 2012 by being in Vietnam blogging less than 25 mins until the NYE countdown, and I’m very satisfied with my hoop journey this year. I’ve grown so much as an instructor, performer, and just a hooper in general. I know I can only improve from here. I thank all who have helped me or been apart of my hooping life. Happy New Year!


Big Bear cabin fun

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends celebrated her birthday weekend in Big Bear and a group of eleven of us stayed in a cabin.

On the first night there and after dinner, some of us were still hanging out and not going to bed yet.

After a few drinks, (my drink of choice is unsweetened almond milk), we decided to have fun with my Hoopnotica TravelHoop.


In the morning, I suited up and before trying snowboarding for the first time, I just had to do some hooping.  It’s kind of difficult to hoop with a big puffy jacket on.


I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t get to hoop on the snow, but I was too busy soaking in my snowboarding experience.  All in all, this was a super fun trip!  I’ll do some snow hooping some day.


Las Vegas…for pleasure (not business)

Now when I travel, I will always try to bring my Hoopnotica TraveHoop or any other hoop that can fit along the ride.  A group of friends and I took a little road trip to Vegas to celebrate (American) New Years.

On the ride there, while some friends were taking a restroom break, I was stretching out and hooping.

I know I look ridiculous, and I love it.  This photo makes me giggle.

When we were in one of our hotel rooms, I was done with getting all dolled up for the night and I decided to hoop.  I like to be silly.

I often tell my friends to hoop.  This is a result:

My group of friends and I saw an awesome cirque show called Zumanity, and there so many great performers in there.  I have to mention the girl who does hooping…in the air!  It’s not to be confused with aerial hoop with the steel hoop.  She is hanging on to some sort of rope and it lifts her off the ground and she hoops with her toes, legs, torso, hands, and she even adds on multiple hoops.  It’s amazing.  I also love the aerial tissu performance, the twin water bowl, the male pole, female pole, and everything!  I can go on and on, but you should check it out yourself if you haven’t already.

San Francisco in the Fall of 2011

I’ve been so busy the past few months.  Now is when I finally have time to blog.  This is probably very unacceptable in the blogging world, but I’m going to blog about stuff that happened months ago.  And following this blog will be other events after this up til the recent date.  Haha… whatever, this is my journey and it WILL be documented.

I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco early October 2011 with two of my best girl friends to just take a break from the daily grind, to bond, and to visit a friend that lives in Noe Valley.  During the night we partied at bars and clubs, and in the daytime we checked out different eateries and landmarks.  It happened to be Fleet Week so we saw an Air Show over in Treasure Island.  My friends were debating on doing a wine tasting as well, but we ended up just getting a spot to sit and watch.

It was very windy and cold, so I put together my six piece Hoopnotica TravelHoop and started hooping.  First I was on the ground, then I got on some rocks.  I was hooping, and I am glad that I kept my balance and didn’t fall or lose my hoop into the water.

After that we visited Fisherman’s Wharf and ate at Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe.  We then headed over to the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset for some pictures.

It was freezing cold and windy, but I took off my sweater and leg warmers all for aesthetics!  Here is a very short video clip, so you can imagine what it’s like if you were there with me:

With permission, Laura LaRue so kindly let me use her song “San Francisco is my Disco” to edit the audio to my video clip.  Check her out at http://www.lauralarue.com