Exciting News!!!

This is my first blog entry without pictures or videos, because it is already awesome as is. Today I did my mock hoop dance class at my favorite dance and fitness studio, OC Pole Fitness, and I am now officially the hoop dance instructor there!  I am so happy, excited, and honored to be working with the best instructors.

My online username/hoop name/alter ego/stage name is Zaylaa, and this may have confused some people that know me in real life.  My real name would be listed in the schedule.  If you don’t know my real name and want to take a class with me and you are confused, then please just ask me. 🙂

I am very thankful for this opportunity to spread the hoop love and be a lot of people’s hoop mama!  hehehe!!!  “Hoop mama” is a term I made up.  It’s not even on Urban Dictionary.  Maybe I should add it one day.  But to me when I use that term it just means…the person who introduced or got you into hooping.  If it is a male, then it would be Hoop Dada/Daddy, which ever you prefer.  haha!  This blog post would have so many errors if it was an English essay.  I don’t care…I’m just way too happy and excited and typing out my giggles is how I show it through text. Woooooooooo Weeeeeeeeeeee! =)