Las Vegas…for pleasure (not business)

Now when I travel, I will always try to bring my Hoopnotica TraveHoop or any other hoop that can fit along the ride.  A group of friends and I took a little road trip to Vegas to celebrate (American) New Years.

On the ride there, while some friends were taking a restroom break, I was stretching out and hooping.

I know I look ridiculous, and I love it.  This photo makes me giggle.

When we were in one of our hotel rooms, I was done with getting all dolled up for the night and I decided to hoop.  I like to be silly.

I often tell my friends to hoop.  This is a result:

My group of friends and I saw an awesome cirque show called Zumanity, and there so many great performers in there.  I have to mention the girl who does hooping…in the air!  It’s not to be confused with aerial hoop with the steel hoop.  She is hanging on to some sort of rope and it lifts her off the ground and she hoops with her toes, legs, torso, hands, and she even adds on multiple hoops.  It’s amazing.  I also love the aerial tissu performance, the twin water bowl, the male pole, female pole, and everything!  I can go on and on, but you should check it out yourself if you haven’t already.


A Very Hoopy Holiday! – Workshop & Hoop Party with Anah & Rayna

There was a hoop workshop on December 18, 2011 and I convinced my first time hooper friend to come along with me. Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach and Rayna McInturf, the duo behind Hoop Revolution, were teaching this hoop workshop and I really enjoyed it. I learned a few new moves to add on, and there are some that I learned that day that I still can’t do now.

Here are some fun pics:

From left to right:  Anah, me, my friend-Tomoko, and Rayna

Performance at a Masquerade Ball (Corporate Party) on a special date 11-11-11

I got informed that we had to dress in a “mardi gra” theme for this gig.  I tried my best to incorporate green, purple, and yellow.  If I had more time, I would have painted on a mask instead of wearing one, because that was definitely a great element of challenge for hoop dancing especially with the long feather in the way for those duck out moves.

This is me and the talented group I performed with:

Amazing talents these people had shown this night included:  Stilt walking, juggling, Cyr wheel, acro yoga, aerial pole dance, and hoop dancing (me!  hehe)

This is a scanned print from the photo booth they had at the party.

Here are some behind the scenes fun photos:

Now here are some snapshots of my performances.  I had gone about three times total this night.

Watch my videos to get an idea of what it’s like if you were there in person.

Part 1 video:  This was the beginning of the party. I did some ambient hoop dancing for visuals for the party goers sitting, standing, and walking around.

Part 2 video:  I was hoop dancing later on in the party when people are beginning to have that liquid courage to come up and dance on the dance floor. It was my job to entertain and get the crowd wanting to dance. So after I got off, because I sense the crowd coming on, the DJ played a popular dance song and everybody was on the dance floor after that. 🙂

LED Hoop Halloween Performance at Pole Tricks & Treat at Balboa Pilates 10-30-11

The owner of Balboa Pilates a.k.a. Pilates on the Pole in Newport Beach, CA had a Halloween party cleverly called Pole Tricks & Treat.  She asked me to do some ambient LED Hoop performances.  Here are some pics:

I love that ghost in the background while I look transparent.

I was a generic ballerina, and I just put together what I already had at home to make this costume.  I was switching from flats to 6 inch platform heels throughout the night depending on what I was doing, but these are rear times of me hooping in heels!  I was very careful since these are higher than fashion heels.

Here is a short video clip that my friend had recorded:

San Francisco in the Fall of 2011

I’ve been so busy the past few months.  Now is when I finally have time to blog.  This is probably very unacceptable in the blogging world, but I’m going to blog about stuff that happened months ago.  And following this blog will be other events after this up til the recent date.  Haha… whatever, this is my journey and it WILL be documented.

I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco early October 2011 with two of my best girl friends to just take a break from the daily grind, to bond, and to visit a friend that lives in Noe Valley.  During the night we partied at bars and clubs, and in the daytime we checked out different eateries and landmarks.  It happened to be Fleet Week so we saw an Air Show over in Treasure Island.  My friends were debating on doing a wine tasting as well, but we ended up just getting a spot to sit and watch.

It was very windy and cold, so I put together my six piece Hoopnotica TravelHoop and started hooping.  First I was on the ground, then I got on some rocks.  I was hooping, and I am glad that I kept my balance and didn’t fall or lose my hoop into the water.

After that we visited Fisherman’s Wharf and ate at Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe.  We then headed over to the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset for some pictures.

It was freezing cold and windy, but I took off my sweater and leg warmers all for aesthetics!  Here is a very short video clip, so you can imagine what it’s like if you were there with me:

With permission, Laura LaRue so kindly let me use her song “San Francisco is my Disco” to edit the audio to my video clip.  Check her out at

Hoop Tape

I have this fascination with certain kinds of tape because I make hoops.  I already have a rainbow color spectrum of electrical tape, and a few 1 inch gaffers tape.  Feeling like updating my tape stash, I made the big leap of ordering over $150 worth of tape on two websites.  I never knew I would ever buy this much tape at one time for anything!  I’m spreading the hoop love. 🙂

Bought from

I’m excited to make hoops!!!  So who wants one?  Click on the “Buy Hoops” tab for more info.