LED and Fire Hoop Performance on 1-21-11

This was a very special event.  It was my dear friend, John’s surprise birthday party.  John introduced me to his friend Megan.  She became my friend and my hoop mama (person who introduced me to hooping).  We each did a hoop performance.

I did an LED hoop performance with my new and slippery (no sanding or tape) poly pro LED hoop.  I danced to Tim Berg-Seek Bromance.  I LOVE that song!

Outdoors, Megan did her awesome fire hoop performance to a song by Beats Antique.

And here is a funny bonus video of my very first time fire hooping:


Performance at a Masquerade Ball (Corporate Party) on a special date 11-11-11

I got informed that we had to dress in a “mardi gra” theme for this gig.  I tried my best to incorporate green, purple, and yellow.  If I had more time, I would have painted on a mask instead of wearing one, because that was definitely a great element of challenge for hoop dancing especially with the long feather in the way for those duck out moves.

This is me and the talented group I performed with:

Amazing talents these people had shown this night included:  Stilt walking, juggling, Cyr wheel, acro yoga, aerial pole dance, and hoop dancing (me!  hehe)

This is a scanned print from the photo booth they had at the party.

Here are some behind the scenes fun photos:

Now here are some snapshots of my performances.  I had gone about three times total this night.

Watch my videos to get an idea of what it’s like if you were there in person.

Part 1 video:  This was the beginning of the party. I did some ambient hoop dancing for visuals for the party goers sitting, standing, and walking around.

Part 2 video:  I was hoop dancing later on in the party when people are beginning to have that liquid courage to come up and dance on the dance floor. It was my job to entertain and get the crowd wanting to dance. So after I got off, because I sense the crowd coming on, the DJ played a popular dance song and everybody was on the dance floor after that. 🙂